January 1, 2007

Ang Bundok Na Nagmahal Sa Ibon, Ni Alice McLerran
(The Mountain That Loved A Bird, by Alice McLerrran)
Translated to Filipino by Rene O. Villanueva
Illustrated by Beaulah Pedregosa Taguiwalo

tmlab alice rene beaulah - filipino

About the language

Filipino (formerly called Pilipino) is the national language of the Philippines as designated in the 1987 Philippine Constitution. In practice, some see English as the country’s other official language. The language Filipino is a member of the Austronesian languages. It is a standardized dialect of Tagalog and is sometimes referred to, albeit incorrectly, as the generic name for the several different languages of the Philippines.

On November 13, 1937 the First National Assembly created the National Language Institute, which selected Tagalog as the basis of a new national language. Tagalog is the indigenous language with the most developed and extensive written literary tradition, mirroring that of the Tuscan dialect of Italian. In 1961, this Philippine national language became known as Pilipino, which was later renamed to Filipino in the 1972 Constitution.

The termFilipino is also used to refer to the Filipino people.

About the translator Rene O. Villanueva

About the author Alice McLerran

About the illustrator Beaulah Pedregosa Taguiwalo

How to buy the book

Translated to Filipino by Rene O. Villanueva
Illustrations by Beaulah Pedregosa Taguiwalo
8.5 x 11 inches, 28 pages saddle-stitch, color cover and inside pages

Published by Mother Tongue Publishing Inc.
Cellphone: 0917-787-4956 in Manila

To order, contact the publisher.
The price is PhP280 per copy / PhP800 for 3 copies.
Please add cost of shipping and handling.

This book is also available in Iloko, Hiligaynon, Kinaray-a and Cebuano.


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